Thank You Fantage and Farewell


With the admin. ‘Z’ was really funny and good. And we have a heart balloon twin up (s) lol. And ‘z’ was the middle of our twin up. Lol.

fantage Gallery: Memories

There’s will be 5 Gallery Page (update)

The Fantage Photo Gallery #1 (Summerella)

Fantage Photo Gallery #2 ‘with admin ‘z’

The Headers of Fantage Summerella before it ends.

May: (current)





‘So this is the typically  last Fantage Summerella blog header. ‘


So what should we do after it closed?

summerella: leave the blog and focused my study ‘I guess

hermione: going college. Yeah. Maybe some updates will be ‘not sure’

maxpein: maybe I will post something new or made this typical random blog. ‘Without fantage On it’  still I am 12 turning 13. Okay.

”There is really no forever, we have an ending but those ending have a reason Because new life starts when there’s an end.”


A blog Welcome


welcome to my blog…

this blog will some fantage and random ideas, like any games, fashion,kpop,manga,anime and etc. we like this blog will be a random blog to attract an any blog users.



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Saying Hi!





What will be in here?

This will be a Random blog. It wouldn’t be just a Fantage Blog but it would be any blog.


Whats new in fantage?

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Art stuff will be closing. I’ll post some art soon.


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“The blog was still online until June 30,2018. the closing of fantage. starting the July. we will leave the blog but we won’t quit ”


Old free fantage membership and etc .

So here I am again. Well let’s talk about the free fantage membership, ecoins and gold. Many fantage player always find a way to have free membership, gold’s and ecoins. Cause some other player can’t spend money to buy those. I am one of those players. The price of the stuff in fantage our pretty cheap. But my mom really don’t wanna spend me those. So I am finding a way to have money on fantage to buy some rare stuff. So here is the legit one.

I was searching for free stuff back 2014. When I didn’t started to keep distance to fantage back then cause I almost fail my classes cause I always use my computer as to play different games. As an immature me it will be probably my fault. So I started to think I should go on and study than to be here playing at my computer. I was just young back then. Look I was freaking 11 years old. Then let’s go back about free fantage membership and etc.

So there is a website that said : ” They give free stuff at the limited time” so I emailed the owner of the blog through contact info. When their is a contact info desk back then through that blog. I think it takes 2 weeks before they received my email. So yeah. They asked if do I really earn points and give them some evidence if I did what they ask.

So I think they updated the page because when I earned the points they asked me to do was a fantage things . So, idk what was the name of this site I just saw this at my old laptop as a snip. So yeah. After I earned my points they gave out 20$ karma koin. They told me that it’s a great timing that I have asked them for the free gift cards because they won’t give it away after this. Then I saw this blog again back in 2016. So I contacted the blog admin but they weren’t able to reply. So I guess they just abandoned the blog and still have the site opened.

So here is the info desk to redeem. This is not working anymore and fantage is closed.

Woahh, it’s been awhile when I just received my free game card at the time. Well this website been apart from my fantage memory. It’s been awhile. I couldn’t believed that it was 5 years ago.

*Fantage closed*

Suddenly now the game was closed and I was sad cause I didn’t share this before. Well that’s fine still I shared this memories. Better late than never.


Game Review : AU2 Dance


This post won’t be so long cause I’m in a rush.

So finally I came back from blogging here. Would you mind to like this post and reblogged it if you can . Cause here am gonna revie the game called AU2 Dance. So I was planning to play this game since last year but school always interrupts my plans of having free time. I was unable to played it. So now I have a chance to try this game. Lemme tell you this i am planning to make a page for this game and I want to share my experience for all whose subscribing this blog. Let’s start.

I played this game for 14 days and I didn’t pay for vip options cause I wanna explore how great this game is. So yeah. I’m now currently not a vip players and I don’t have plan to subscribe my account for vip cause it cost money and I don’t wanna spend money under it.

So here’s my account, first I just wanna show you how my account looked like now.

So here’s my account. You probably see my level and popularity points and in the next post I’m gonna show you how to earn one and how to earn famke. As you can see I am single in this game. Well, I didn’t really interact from other players of this game. So yeah. All of the things you see I’ll explain it next post.

Playing the game so basically their is 4 game standard for this game. Which is the bubble mode , Power Mode , Crazy Mode , Trail mode.

You can basically choose any of them to play in the dancing room. So yeah I’ll explain it to the next post.


so I probably rate the game 8/10. Well it’s nice and good. The graphics are good. The game is. Nice. You don’t need vip feature to get level up. It’s easy to level up. There is a Lot prizes. The fashion is nice. The songs are nice. The clothes and etc. are good it’s fashionable. The one problem is it keeps delaying and the clothes are bit expensive but you can totally buy it if you will join events and play the game more often.

see you …




So, it’s been awhile I’m posting about games related posts . So here’s the current update about Summerella. She’s playing the game called line play. And yeah she’s having fun (bit) but I’m going to post about my line play experience tomorrow. Cause I’m going to do a long post.

Please liked this post. Cause this blog is at major down and we need a support. So yeah. Hope you have a nice day.

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Updating this blog

Hey promises,

I wanna talk about my blog that I made when I was 12 years old. Back then I still have wrong grammar, wrong construction of sentences. Typos which made me laugh when I turned 16 now. For the past years. I am screwing myself in making a blog post cause. I’m probably shy and I don’t think so much what to apply my posts. I randomly write the stuff in my mind. And one thing, English is my second language. So i knew while back then that I keep struggling writing an essay or a story post here. So there is much things I cringed off back then. I even deleted my posts that made me cringe and have to much errors. Yeah, I probably write posts here and keeping this public. Well, it’s nothing that much I could posts here. Cause fantage was closed and I  am bit lazy or I personally opened a new  blog which is titled “Shooky Post”


if if you followed this blog, then I’m telling you some of my posts have errors and mistakes please consider it cause back then I have poor English writing skills.


so yeah