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Thank you my blog is back!! Thank you!!! 

So today, I don’t have anything much to say, so currently I was playing fantage. And I am so happy cause I get my new fantage tittle. The Major Leaguer.  Then, MyMall is back. I am not surprised if fantage fixed some bugs and add new features. But, honestly When I went to MyMall. Theirs no something new about MyMall. I think it’s just a normal MyMall. 



Here’s my New and fresh update, Idfone. I’ve got new Idfone skin✨✨

(P.s, I’ve accidentally bought that Idfone case. Cause I have this lag issues. Lol) 

👍 yep!

Looking great!!!! 

👋🏻 bye friends!!!!

 And again thank you 😊 cause my blog is back!!! 

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My emotions about Harry Potter and some quick fantage ideas. 

Hello, It’s been awhile. And I’ll settle this for new meaningful article to me. It’s about Harry Potter. Harry Potter was one of top grossing films in 2000+. They have the best stories and books. I love how the characters personality and friendship respective bonds. And load of wizardry action. We totally agree that the book and the film was different but the the plot was actually the same. There’s a reason why it’s different because of the budget and the time. So now, why I made this post cause I miss the Harry Potter and I kind a want to watched the movie again. 

Favorite scene 1 and 2/ emotions in each HP movies. 

My favorite scene of the first film was when. Hermione Granger taught Ron about that spell. The leviosa. If you got that wrong. It’ll be the kaboom. That’s like what happened to a kid.Whose Harry seat mate. 

I hoped you shouldn’t be get wrong, it’ll be le-vi-OH-sa 

Then I loved the scene when Hangrid broke the door. And he gave the letter and the cake and explain anything what he is. Then he was totally in shocked about how he heard. In the other hand Dudley ate the cake and hangrid punish him. Theirs tons of my favorite scene in Harry Potter sorcerer stone. Cause the team up. Was very funny.

I loved the scene Hermione hugs Harry tightly in the chambers of secrets and Ron and her awkwardly shake hands scene. One of my fave scene and when Hermione was in shocked up. Then Ron, was totally funny in any scenes. And the girl ghost. And anything of chamber of secrets scenes was cool. Then this theme was in mystery. And they starting to get awkward. Yep. Puberty starts. I mean when Hermione run towards to Harry and hugs him tightly. Like yeah. And I am kind huge fan on that annoying professor.( I forgot his name. Because it’s been 3 years when last I read and watch the movies. Clearly I don’t really read the all books. I’ve just read the philosopher stone, prisoner of azkaban and Deathly hollows. ) that’s totally bummed me out cause I don’t read the full series. And now of my list is to read the whole series. To know exactly what happened. But I loved the fact that the professor was kind a boastful. At first, I thought he was a pirate. Oh geez, yeah cause he act was really similar to a pirate. 

When the prisoner of azkaban was started. I was like of look up to Harry. They’ve become a grown up. Oh geez. They’re so little and the became grown up. How cool!! I can feel how Hermione and Ron. Awkward moments. And you can feel something momentum about and you kind a rooting them. And the malicious intent was going on, To those shippers. I know you’re waiting and finding. I liked the fact when they were each other hands. Team up. Then I kind a feel some ships,here. But I, the fact was I don’t care the shipping of. I care how’s gonna end. And how the story tells and portrays. I think I find it more action. My favorite in azkaban was when Hermione pinch malfoy. That was. Oh good, thank you; that was fantastic Hermione. (Best thing she do) then I think Malfoy was been tortured with a professor?? And that bird!! Is that in Azkaban?? Or in Goblet of fire?? (That’s the one of the coolest part ever) 

Okay, to those shippers. This movie was maybe for you. The Goblet of fire. Seriously, this movie was full of ship and canon relationship. This was more of Ron-Hermione. Which is, people feel the intense. Harry has his first love. Hermione dated Krum. I can’t explain how I feel. About goblet of fire. I am just Like woah. Very Platonic. I know. That’s why this was called goblet of fire cause they were in pretty in fire. Jealousy were in the cannon.in was in the boom. Lol. When Harry kissed Cho. I was; okay that was pretty intense. Is it really happened? Omg, does they–! Oh crap! Harry, are you–? Then clap. Oh snap! In other 

Order of the Phoenix. Bros, in watching in order of the Phoenix. I was like bro. As action like what I need to expect . Bro! That was cool. Then I am kind a started to get goosebumps. There was awesome. But kind a awkward in some part. And feel some friendship bonds. I feel half bolood prince and order of the Phoenix was both pretty acute. I find it. More in action.Half blood prince. Umm, totally great and some of moments I want to cry. Cause you feel the heart. And coruscating hearts and warm hugs were totally in here. Emotions were bond up Here!! When Dan said that he doesn’t like his acting in half blood prince. I was like, seriously! It’s was good, don’t be harsh to yourself. You do great. ✌️✌️in half-blood prince, it’s just, oh crap! Cause this movie has more kissing scene. And I am kind a confused in half blood prince cause like the story was all over. Maybe, it’s not fixed. 

Okay, deathly hollows. Man, I am kind abashed. I don’t know, umm. I feel it’s very… agonized. Geez. I can’t explain. I feel I want to Harry and Hermione end up together. Oh, don’t hate me Ron and Hermione fans. And I was happy cause this was more in journey not only in that freaking hogwarts school. Let’s go back this freaking ship. That many fans was dying for since 2004. When they get in teen age stage. Bro, when I watched Potter movies and read the books. I don’t care, if they were in literary in relationship or something. But in deathly hollows. I’ve just reallly care. I don’t know where I cared about this things. All of the sudden, scenes was straight up to love triangle. Indeed, I know their was like totally people whose like battling about how’s should ended up. Hermione should end up to Ron? Or something going on about this friendship with Harry? When I watched in the cinema. When they saw the scene Harry and Hermione dance: There was like, “woah..” and me oops. If Ron see this he’ll be probably in the — you know the. But here’s the thing. Jk Rowling that admitted that they should end up together. In 2014, bro. I think movie7,isn’t enough for this explanation. I think Jk, was I don’t know confused. Or whatever. Just it’s done but for others the relationship isn’t fixed . For me huh (reaction) I think they were Good best friend and they both care and respect for each other. Hermione is the brightest witch in her age. And Ron was something opposite of it. Rowling paired them at first. Ron need a counseling to a great or brightest witch whose Hermione. Cause Ron was kind a messy and always in jealous. When speaking of Harry they were a bond of bro and sis. But I think in deathly hollows something was hinted. You know not just only a bro relationship. It’s more like more than that. Okay, I love the deathly hollows not because that ship. Probably if it’s 100 percent, I am 30% interested in ship. I am excited about when Harry figured secret and hocruxes was slammed by Ron. Then, they fight for their lives. And me was crying cause the hogwarts was getting lost of hope. Then Ron broke up the glass with that old bone teeth. With Hermione and then.. I know you know what happened next. This Deathly hollows movie makes me cry. 

Rate the Harry Potter movies:

#1- 9/10 it’s totally great movie.

#2- 9/10 I feel that theirs era of mystery and that’s great cause I loved mystery 

#3 10/10 You can feel the wizardry and bizarre scene and adventure and when Hermione punch 

#4 9/10 They’ve been started to be a young woman and man. 

#5 10/10 oh! That was pretty intense.. so action! 

#6 9/10 oh geez! Lavender was kind a annoying please stop here! Compromise hearts. Okay: Jealous! 

#7 10/10 geez! (In the cinema: *claps* finally! Then the Death-1/ Harry & Hermione kiss/ Woah!// Harry died*cries*) 

Want to read the books! Here’s the list! (Credit in Pinterest) 

Then the new book: the Harry Potter the cursed child. 

Some Quick fantage updates// 

Here the new hair. From the new rare  item in fantage. Check this hair, maybe you can get this! 

It’s 3 rubies. How come to think that this hair was only 3 rubies?  Now I am gonna show you some quick simple outfit ideas for non-pm. 

I hoped you liked the outfit ideas. 


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Brand-new stuff and other random ♡


Before i am gonna tell you the Brad-new stuff. I’ll gonna acquaint you to my personal social media links that you can follow. If you want to visit( no compulsory) if you want To know me better than you know Me from  the past post⇒/Me in real life

Visit this links →

Life blog ♡ – lol. Too many thoughts  was posted here. 
https://www.pinterest.com/raerearb/ -Pinterest // I was saving my favorite stuff. So, maybe you’ll know more better. 

New pagesʕʘ‿ʘʔ

Japan stuff の夏*

Page 1⇒ 「Anime」 https://fantagesummerella.wordpress.com/anime/

Page2⇒ 「Jp-movies」 https://fantagesummerella.wordpress.com/movies/

Page3 ⇒ 「ACTRESS list》https://fantagesummerella.wordpress.com/jp-actress-list/
If you wanna view the page. Just go to this page 「Japan stuff」we shorten this because theirs a lot of pages that we add in the tittle page Japan stuff. 

We add a new page, It called Harry Potter cause I am a Harry Potter fan. So you can visit it. But now it has only 2 sub pages cause I am busy studying so. We just added 2 page for this mean time but I think tomorrow,  I’ll add the full sub pages. On the page 「harry potter」. I can’t promptly add all pages for this day. Cause I am preparing for the (Scholars List) So theirs allot of pressure on me now. 

Hp// page 1 — https://fantagesummerella.wordpress.com/hp-books-list/

Hp// page 2 — https://fantagesummerella.wordpress.com/hp-snaps-and-memes/
So, I quite open my laptop. Cause I think it’s been a 2 week. I didn’t open my laptop  for a longtime. So here’s a quick Fantage changes and features.


I kind a like the new outfits and fantage item currency. At first, when I glanced those fantage items; when it’s not released. I thought it will be so expensive. It will be around 10,000 stars or much more higher than that. Cause we know fantage has tons of annoying cliche. So, when it was previously sale in the fantage shop. I look up the price then I was like ” Holy! Alleluia! Wait do I still play fantage? Omg! Omg! Okay. The 2 Cute paired items was non-pm and it cost lower than the released last fantage items. It was maybe 2000-1000 off. Like, does fantage realized that their expensive non-pm item doesn’t worth it to buy. So, now! I totally recommend fantage for those who love dressing up. So here’s some quick ootd, ill share to you!! 

 If you can’t look better because of those some flower graphic background design. Here’s some clearer image 
 So yeah!!!!! 
Finally, I bought a new house in fantage. Cause I think I am stuck on my lol castle house. Here’s it, the new house that I finally bought 

Omg! It’s a German House. I actually love the background and the house. I love Germany and their pretty tons of aesthetic place  that you can go. But It’s hard to study German language and their form of writing system. But, I really loved it. Cause theirs tons of flowers and the old beautiful houses. 


In the mean time, theirs a fantage guy whose like advertising his account. His like still advertising since 10 am (Asian time zone) until now, I think. Like this guy was lol. My best friend was laughing at him.  Please add him!lol. 


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Outfit Ideas +OOTD #1

I don’t do sort of OOTD and Outfit Ideas on fantage. So, today I’ll show you a new dress that I bought in ecoins, not in gold. So here’s the dress. I wanna showcase to you. 

So I marked it. That pink blue ruffle dress. So yeah I forgot the name of that dress.   

So here’s some of the OOTD. 

So, as you can see. The outfit matches the pink shoes. Peach glasses and some cute hair. And simple board. 
2nd. Style 💕

So it’s simple 💕 too like this. The second outfit. I liked items to be simple and it’s not so all over the place. 

tips and schemes. 

  1. Color/schemes:


In hair, wear blonde or brown. In matching the outfit. 

-Hair Accessories, contrast the color to the bottom. Like color red or any matte color or some bright colors. (Tips: don’t put allot of bright cause it look cheesy) 

2. Body Acc/board 

Board, pastel and simple board 

-Body accessories a little contrast too. With some bright colors. 

Yesterday, I posted an ootd in my instagram 💞 follow me and I’ll follow you back  ; @fantagees 

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Summerellakwin 💕

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Happy Birthday Fantage 🎉🎊🎁

It’s fantage natal day and 9th anniversary. With free premium membership in fantage.

Every fantage anniversary. Their has a free premium membership week. And I am so pleased and gay about this pm week. Cause I can used my pm stuff I bought when I was a premium mem. But I am so excited and so happy. So when you became premium your level will be higher. 

So before when I was non pm. My level is 476. And now its level 606

Yeah. Level 606. Lol. 

So here’s it and you can get the free pm gift. If you want to redeem it. 


What will fantage do, if it’s their 10th anniversary ? Does they gave away 1 year pm?? Lol.. 


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Anime #2 


Today, I am gonna share some of anime stories and previews. That I recommend to all of my co-bloggers. So, check out it below. But before that Anime I watched and I recommend to my fellow bloggers I’ve just wanna say that all of chibi req was sent to respective emails and owner. We ware struggling in downloading the photo on the blog because the wifi was unstable. So we have made a decision that it will be send. I send those request after the posted article was posted. 

It was send to: 




So, for past few weeks I was watching tOns of it. From anime to live actions. 

Here’s those Anime and films  I watched while resting. 

  • The Art Club Has A Problem 
  • Beezzebub 
  • My Hero Academia 
  • Chihayafuru 2 
  • Ixion Saga 
  • Eromanga-Sensei 
  • Saenai Heroine no Sodetekata
  • Hinako Note 
  • Orange 
  • Teekyuu
  • Ookami Shoujo to  Kuro oji 
  • Haruta and China 
  • Tokyo Ghoul 
  • Detective Conan: Crimson love letter 
  • Love and lies
  • Trinity Seven 
  • Pretty cure Dream Stars! 
  • ReLife 
  • Blade of the Immortal 
  • Attack on Titans 2
  • Fairy tail: Dragon Cry 
  • Anonymous Noise 
  • Free 
  • Haikyuu 


Oops,  so you can see that other were movies. I random them cause I am kind a lazy today. Some of them will released soon. I wanna share you guys those Anime I watched and “excited to some new  releases. This 2017 💕💕💕 

Follow or visit my Japanese blog// http://ameblo.jp/msmelodyme123456789/ ⬅️ still under construction.  I have some ameba blogs. But they are not currently updated and I forgot the password. Even tho it’s premium. I am so dumb! so now I made a new blog. 

Thank you 😇 

Manga sites 


https://dokusho-ojikan.jp/pc/ ⬅️ I really recommend  this. If you wanna free manga. 



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Me in real life


It’s been awhile💕😭 I’ve been figured out what I am posting in my blog today. To those Chibi request, I am posting and send it to you tomorrow. Cause now, I am busy in something. But still I am making up those Chibis.  So, let’s back to the real topic. I’ve been posted allot of game and anime stuff. And now just realized now is the time to tell you some facts, who really I am.

Okay, this is it.

I am melody (it’s really my real name) I am half Japanese. I am born in a south Asian country not in Japan. I know Japanese and Chinese and Spanish and some other language. I am a type of person whose very dependent tho I am not spoiled. Me in real life, I am simple kind a boyish. I just don’t literary doing girlish stuff. Like example, Wearing dress and using make up. Cause in my school we are not prohibited wearing make up. You can see my classmates and school mates don’t wear make up. Cause I am in class A.  (Omg!!) I am not the type the girl whose shopping and go something around (like; going to plaza or fast food chains) I am just go home when the classes end. My parents are strict and they pinch me if I go some places that they don’t know. I am so book nerd and totally bummer. Yeah, cause if something wrong in lectures. I am like, let say my best friends is still the same but they are more more bummer than me.  I don’t bully someone. When someone in lower sections bully those poor kids/schoolmates  in school I was like shutting their mouth off. Let say I disciplined them!!! 😅😅 Gang at school scared at me. Believe it or not.  .    Yes, I am the only one who bravely do that to that nasty students besides I have my good friend Sofia and Owen whose disciplined those too nasty kids. I am loved challenging games. I loved Physics and Math and History and literature. Now, I am 14 and not interested again in relationships and social life. I have allot of goals and I always think about my studies. When I get 3 in my card back in my primary school. My parents cringed me and they tell some hurtful words. It attached on my brain. And said to myself I do better. I don’t swearing and I always said Wtf. When something happened or me doing lol stuff.

Abnormal facts: i don’t have any crush since my birth. Promise!!! (Believe it or not )

You can say to my face this words. OMG, your totally abno means abnormal. I am so cold hearted, right? In my country, when teens have crush or boyfriend some parents scolded or embarrassed their children in the front of the crowd and those people in the crowd will talk about you something bad. And other parents will say, ” Psst, study first, stop that crushes and keep your eyes in the future and when you get older you can fall in love, just tell us if you have bf/gf huh!”  Literary yes! That’s true that’s will the parents do in my country. You better be good because when you do something bad in your parents and they didn’t liked they’ll pinch you or slap you or pinch your ears to be discipline. Lol.  I am food lover too. Blogging is my second hobby beside in writing and reading. Lol.  So yeah. I am catholic. So I am very conseravative. Lol.  I hate mess but me in school and my room it’s mess. Lol. My favorite fashion  themes is old style and Japanese style outfits not those too Kawaii.  My fave place is Australia and Paris.  I love DC superheroes (💕😇)  that’s all.



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Random Crazyness in Virtual Worlds 

We Have the Same face! 

We have The same Face! 

We are Twins! 

We are Twins 

We’re cool! 

We’re Cool! 

We’re totally! 

Totally, Totally , totally! 



Me don’t have face! 

Me don’t have face! 


Where’s my face? 

My face! 

Oh, yeah, I know it why I couldn’t find my face! 

Cause I am FUGLY (fabulous + Ugly) 

So that’s the explanation 

So, where could I find a new face???? To make me Pretty

Tho, i know I can’t changed anything 

Hmm… (sad face) (puppy eyes) (cry) (gasp) 

Totally, true!!

Yes, find me us like this. Crazy dodgers. Lol!! 

(Request by: Ericka) lol. Hi Ericka, thank you I’ve recieve your email yesterday. Sorry for delay. Peace up!! 
Lol! Bye

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Fantage Easter 2017 (tips)

So yesterday I’ve just got watched tons of movie and anime in live action and in the anime version . I’ll post it some other time . Cause I am not yet done watching those. Okay, now we’ve gotta go on fantage. As you can see the new event is Happy Easter 2017. That you collect an egg around the fantage. You can found it in this places. 

Le shoppe 

Star cafe 

Outside the Q blast building 

Inside the Q blast building 

Inside the Stellar 

Outside the Uptown 

Inside the IDfone shoppe 

Inside the furniture shoppe 

Outside the school 

Outside the Orion 

Inside the Orion 

Outside the Castle 

Inside the castle 



Inside the sunblock 


So that’s the excellent starting point in locating eggs. So, just go to any place randomly and you can find those eggs. Right? So when you found 20 eggs, you’ll be able to level up and when your group does won in the end of the event you’ll be able to get free gift. 

What group are you? 



 Me: I get assigned in the jellybean group. So, yeah.  I hoe you enjoy gathering and finding those hidden colorful eggs.  
Bye~ And enjoy 💕

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Recently, I watched tons of anime that has allot of different themes. I’ve just watch Action and Romance anime. I am not in drama cause I don’t want to sore and cry. Okay, yeah just like that. For the past few days, I didn’t play fantage. Cause I am so bored on playing it, so I think that’s my reason. Then, here’s those anime I recently watched. 




Nintama Rantaro 

Is this a zombie? 

Fairy tail 

Dragon Ball Super (I love to watch this when I was a 5 years old) 

Trinity blood 

Seven deadly sins 

Kantai collection

High school of the dead 


One piece 


Rental Magica 




Sekai-ichi hatsukoi 

Itazura kiss (one of my fave) 

Golden time ( too clingy but it’s kind a okay) 


Peach girl ( the action live movie is lol) 

Ouran  the high school host club ( first romance anime I watched ) 

My little monster (it’s kind a annoying but yeah) 

Kaichou wa maid Sama (it’s funny) 

Ranma 1/2 (I like this one cause it’s not annoying it’s funny) 

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Wolf girl and black prince 

Lovely complex 

And more to come soon… 


Then when I get to the online of shueisha// S-MANGA.Net ▶️▶️ http://www.s-manga.net/ if you wanna check out some manga.  Some of them is my fave~~~~ lol!!  Me want to watch Live action of Relife the movie and  itazura kiss love in Okinawa and Tokyo.  But maybe if I have time I’ll watch it. Lol!! 

So bye~~~