Thank You Fantage and Farewell


With the admin. ‘Z’ was really funny and good. And we have a heart balloon twin up (s) lol. And ‘z’ was the middle of our twin up. Lol.

fantage Gallery: Memories

There’s will be 5 Gallery Page (update)

The Fantage Photo Gallery #1 (Summerella)

Fantage Photo Gallery #2 ‘with admin ‘z’

The Headers of Fantage Summerella before it ends.

May: (current)





‘So this is the typically  last Fantage Summerella blog header. ‘


So what should we do after it closed?

summerella: leave the blog and focused my study ‘I guess

hermione: going college. Yeah. Maybe some updates will be ‘not sure’

maxpein: maybe I will post something new or made this typical random blog. ‘Without fantage On it’  still I am 12 turning 13. Okay.

”There is really no forever, we have an ending but those ending have a reason Because new life starts when there’s an end.”


A blog Welcome


welcome to my blog…

this blog will some fantage and random ideas, like any games, fashion,kpop,manga,anime and etc. we like this blog will be a random blog to attract an any blog users.



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What will be in here?

This will be a Random blog. It wouldn’t be just a Fantage Blog but it would be any blog.


Whats new in fantage?

Go to the (fantage page) and click the new subs page.

Art stuff will be closing. I’ll post some art soon.


Next goals: Get 150 followers in this blog




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“The blog was still online until June 30,2018. the closing of fantage. starting the July. we will leave the blog but we won’t quit ”


How to Access/Hack Fantage-Answer

Before I will regret not telling everybody  how they done this trick. I am gonna tell you how hackers of Ddos attack and cheated fantage Account used to elaborate the fantage security become a weak server done to be a private server. Here is the answer so first we are going to discuss the issues. So, if this hacker or cheater have their own way to hack and cheat. I have my own way too how to ‘go in to the portal servers in the game’

this post will be divided to 2.

1. problem and issues

2. The procedure


Note: I am not a freaking hacker, I am just really in to my computer and I love to explore. Credits to Hermione for teaching how to done this trick procedure. 

Am going thank to my old brother (cousin)  ‘Fukushi’ whose been working on a game company in Japan.  For help me analyze how they done it to make and explore games to 3D and html. 

Issues: So we knew we have different issues about fantage. Take a glance to the all fantage problem issued. So, we will make this a long one.

In 2008 the fantage is Beta tested game. Did you know that Beta games are more secured than a games who had version 2.0 to 6.0 and more. Beta games have this html secured type of mechanical html procedure.  But they could be access too. If the server didn’t check out probably they could get a game attack’s.

The security won’t be tightened if there’s a fantage hack server around.  And server and malware with malicious server content and password game stealer.

2013 to 2014; fantage have edited the game and glanced made allot of construction made. The have been so tight security fo been this years but a problem conceded in fantage. A hack malicious server connect the security. That make fantage a little get carried away. And this attack proceeded until now they closed fantage.


In 2015, I discover that google ‘Developer tool’ can edit an html and save the game profile and download fantage html folders. By accessing and jail breaking games through the tools server content.

There’s allot of Multiple attacks in fantage and there’s many multiple ways how they hacked the game.

Things you should do before start hacking.

1. Process hacker (a hacker tool that you can really access if you know how to used it)

2.Google Developer tools

3. Zip Opener for lock folders

4. Ransomware

5. Hack the fantage databases cmd.

Procedure: soon (sneak peak) 

go to settings

Developer tools

html hang

download folder through ;jb

-info that will help you-


Will Fantage bloggers quit in blogging if fantage closes down?


so I got the news that Fantage is closing down next month.

I was barely shock when it was announced, I can’t explain or imagine that they will going to closing it. I have this feeling in the cucumber event.  That they were little bit off in fantage. Yeah. That was I mean little bit off. Why? We were playing the game but the event level up throughout itself if you got highscore. There’s no any cucumber seen in the game, right? So I was like, ‘are they going to quit’ then me like change my mind, ‘oh, maybe they will Edit fantage. This was explaination off why I made some conclusions. And yeah when I saw the farewell party banner. I was little bit of shock. But I have the feeling it will ends. Maybe, the stocks of fantage got in low rate and they need to close it down soon. I knew it’s hard, but what could we do?  we are just Gamer’s. Or maybe, they will making a new game??? Just a thought of. So I think we should proceed the real fantage topic.


will ‘I/We/Us or You/ quit fantage blogging if fantage closes down??


it clashes my heart all of years they will quit fantage. Like ‘omo’. I was been in the blogging community almost 3 years. My wordpress account was made in 2015. And I have different blogs but Fantage Summerella really lasts. Yeah.

Of course I told yah, that we won’t quit until fantage ends. And fantage ends next  month. So we supposed to leave the blog, but we won’t quit. It’s just am going to be more focused in my studies since I am going to be in grade 9 or in 3 rd year middle. So this is so important year for me. Am going to be updated when it’s holidays???? Maybe, in holidays? I dunno.

If you ask me if I quit, the answer was no but I will be leaving and be focus in study. This is the best options I have since fantage will be closed. I hope you understand. 

When will you leave in Fantage Blog ?

i in the end of fantage. June 30.

Plans when fantage ends??






and go some other places like out of town or country.

Will you leave or quit in fantage?

answer the question below.

Fantage is closing down this June.

Hey everyone. I AM going to post all fantaaaaaaaaggeee pix here. Until the journey ends in fantage.

fantage is closing down guys.

It’s closing down. And I will play until my journey lasts here. This blog will be the memory of my fantage account. I won’t quit until the ends. Until the ends. And now I am still here to share love through all fantage. Thank you for all who followed me in fantage. My blog, added me as my buddies. People whose here, in fantage blog community. Thank you 🙏

am going to write my speech in another blog post so please check out,

please follow, like, and let’s play fantage until we end our journey with a happy thoughts